Businesses and Social Media

I still don’t know how to effectively use social media, I know it is critical these days to SEO and establishing an elevated trust level for a company/website, but seriously who just goes to a website where they bought something and says that they “like” it.  Mabye it is my lack of understanding, but from my point of view an individual only likes something when:

  1. The are a friend or family member
  2. It is really funny
  3. It is something they absolutely love
  4. It is for a cause
  5. There is some prize or something in it for them (maybe discounts work)
  6. They truly want the advertising updates that come from the company
  7. Maybe they are just super nice…
Why do you “like” things, give them a +1, or tweet about them?
What role do you see social media playing for businesses in today’s world?
On a side note, today is my birthday, so last night I installed the Like button and preemptively asked all of my birthday wishers to checkout our website and like it, we’ll see how that goes, but hopefully i get some good comments and likes!

Maybe you’re feeling super nice and want to wish me a happy birthday, if so… head over to our lanyard store and like us today!

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