Google and the Olympics

No one knows exactly how google does their algorithm.  Everyone is aware of a bunch different factors and has their theories some bogus, others valid.  For instance I’m sure all SEOs would agree that the Title, Description, Header tag, and file-name and unique customized text content have weight on your Google score.  Then there are other site elements that contribute like how long your URL is, how long it has been since it has been registered, how long since it has been transferred, I’ve heard they even look at how many years you purchased the domain for the first time you registered it.  In my mind all of these factors add up giving you points, it oculd be a full point, tenth of a point, or hundredth of a point to give you your final score which in the end has to just be sorted from top to bottom.

As I have watched the Olympics this summer I have likened gymnastics to SEO.  These gymnasts perform the best they can and judges hack away at their score, some win big, others barely squeak by, then there are various tie breakers to give one person a medal and throw the other one to the curve (forget handing out two medals).  I’d sure love how all of the factors add up to give my lanyard site it’s rankings and where my deductions are so i can get to the top.


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