No Ads No Traffic

So my free AdWord credit from Godaddy is all but up and the site felt it today.  My traffic dropped from the 30-40 visitors it had been getting with ads down to just 2 today.  I’m still waiting for my first lanyard order to go through.  It is for woven lanyards and I really need to close the deal so that I can get some more ad money if I want to continue working on this site.  The Indian SEO team has been “on it” but I’ve yet to see any results and they haven’t been responsive, I just sent them another email to find out what is up.

There are so many options for google adwords, i just don’t know what the most effective way to go about it is.  I noticed that most of my traffic was coming off their affiliate advertising like amazon, ebay, and dogpile.  Very few actually came from google.

Does anyone have any tips on getting the best return on their advertising dollars?

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