Live Chat

I for one love live chat when I am on a website and have a question. To me it also establishes a certain trust level because even if I don’t talk to them, the fact that I see that they want to talk to me tells me there are real people on the other side which adds a little trust juice for any given website.

Last night I added the same live chat we use (OggChat) on our other websites and linked it up to my iPhone so I’m ready to chat with our visitors and help them trust us a little more and hopefully they will be willing to actually purchase some lanyards.  I need to get a sale soon so that I can invest in some more paid advertising.


Ogg chat isn’t amazing but it works, there are a few thing that bug me about it especially on the mobile side, but it is much cheaper than bold chat was and it is functional… much like my website, it aint pretty but it works :)

The website design and layout

For I decided that I would target the largest demographic group of visitors to our website. According to woorank, our largest demographic is women age 30 to 40. I decided I would mimic Pinterest so the website would have a familiar look. The website was designed using, c#, CSS and HTML 5, and MsSQL database. I love the simplicity master pages.

I wrote every line of content with SEO in mind so the website is a little more wordy than I normally would like but I had to do it for the web crawlers. I also implemented URL rewriting to have SEo friendly URLs and not querysrtings. I did this by using a custom 404 error page. I compare the URL to the entries in my database and serve up the correct item content using the Server.Transfer function in .net. It is actually quite clever :)

About the project

My CEO asked me multiple times to develop a separate website and outsource it to India for the SEO. We have previously done this and up till this year we enjoyed a lot of success. After the panda and penguin updates hit we lost all of our rankings and our relationship with Indian outsourced SEO. I was very reluctant to try because I feel that they won’t be able to get us back to the top (even temporarily). Chris was frustrated with my lack of effort so one weekend he went and signed up for his own website on godaddy and was determined to to something about it.

He related his experience to me and when I saw how serious he was about building a separate site and sending it to India I decided I had better do it. That night was born. I jumped onto godaddy, bought the domain, hosting, and an SSL and got to work. When I started my pride was in my way. I did not want lanyards provider to suceed because that would mean I was wrong and India could do what I can’t seem to do (bring a site to #1 on google). Now I really want them to get us there and I will focus on the conversion of the site. I want to make LanyardsProvider the best custom lanyard website out there. I really want users to have the best experience and find what they want and score some revenue for our company.

I chose Godaddy because i knew it would be easy to set everything up and they are large enough that I trust them to host the site. We also needed the hosting and whois entry to be totally separate so that it wouldn’t be related at all to our other websites in the search engines view. I was also pleasantly surprised to get a free $100 credit for Google AdWorss and $50 for Facebook and Bing advertising. I also got some picture credits from some stock photo website which I’m using. I hope to use those to boost my sales and get some more money to invest in the site. I may also be able to fix our company’s broken CPC strategy in the process.

Lanyard SEO

I’m Mike Marshall, VP of Technology at In an effort to redeem our organic ranks which google took from us in Feb 2012 with the Panda update, and then splattered all hope of recovery in April with the penguin update. We have elected to start with scratch with a fresh domain.

The domain we chose was We picked it to go after some popular custom lanyard key terms. I will keep you apprised of my SEO adventure as well as any other cool information I learn about lanyards in the process.