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Every business needs to know who it’s customers are and how to maximize the relationship. I would venture to say that most of the search for who the customer is not done with negative intentions. I’m pretty sure most people are naive as to what kind of cyber trail they are actually leaving behind as they browse from site to site. When you visit a page, you tell the new page how you got there, this is known as the referal header. Yes that’s right referal not referral. Some hot shot programmer had a typo on the official documentation. Glad to know I’m not the only one who struggles with spelling while programming :)

You also give out your IP which can then be used to track your location and your ISP. So yes when you browse we are watching you. Goggle analytics has made cyber stalking even easier by allowing you to tag events on pretty much anything that happens on the website. For instance, on Lanyards Provider, every time someone types text into the lanyard I log it with GA. Then each day I look at all of the fun phrases people put on their custom lanyard. Some times I hit the jackpot and I get a website, or a team name, or a school and I do a little cyber snooping with their IP and get their location then I try and cold call or email them. Yes it is a little freaky, and of the 3 times I’ve tried so far I haven’t gotten any sales or replies, but until I really freak someone out I will keep monitoring and cold calling the lanyard text.

After all I just want you to buy my lanyards, they are a great deal, cheap but awesome quality, you need them anyway, and I want to take care of you. So won’t you let me be your big brother? :)

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