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The feedback I received today about the website was that the design was lacking, so i gave it a face lift with a style upgrade swapping out my red for a color pallet my wife picked out from colorschemedesigner.com.  I also found a random CSS menu that i replaced my red one with.  It is now much cleaner.  So much cleaner in fact that i got my first real lead. A nice lady from Florida first initiaed a chat and before I could respond she already called me.  The funny thing was she was looking for woven lanyards, not printed.  So i had to scrable to pull up all of the information from namify to quote her the pricing.  At that time I didn’t know if I should tell her lanyardsprovider.com was just a feeder site for Namify.  After talking with Chris he said to just bring her in, so I emailed her an official quote.  My fingers are crossed that the sale goes through.  I need some more advertising dollars to invest it our site!

Later today I also got our first official organic link from yahoo.  The individual searched for “United States secret service badge holder”.  Ironically my meta tag on our badge holder page talks about us being a leading manufacturer in the “United States” and mentions our high quality “badge holders” and exception “service”.  The search did come from Virginia, not the middle east, so maybe it was legit… Any way that was good enough for #4 on yahoo :) After this blog post i may own #1!

Any way back to the face lift, thank you Steve for recommending I upgrade it I know it will make a big difference. I also brought an item to the home page to get people to start configuring right away, my hope is to get some more lanyard text captured to see what people are putting on these things and why I’m missing out. Lets get some lanyard orders tomorrow!

Lanyards Provider as up til Aug 2nd, 2012


Lanyards Provider, August 2, 2012


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